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Computer/ Cell Phone Investigations

JRD Investigations has computer forensic specialists and investigators on staff to serve whatever your needs may be.

Do you want to know who your teenager is chatting with online?                                                                                                            

 What sites are your children viewing while surfing the web?

Why does your spouse get up early in the morning to use the computer only to erase the history of sites they have viewed?

 Do you want to know what your employees are doing on the company computer when you are not present?                                        

Are you sure that friendly looking site you recently visited hasn't sent you spyware?

 Has that ex- been mysteriously showing up whenever you go out with your friends?

 Do you shop online?

 Do you really know your passwords are safe from hackers, or Key stroke monitors?

Are you really secure online are you absolutely sure your computer has never been infected with a worm or virus?

Why is your spouse constantly texting unkown persons?

Who is calling with blocked numbers?

 All your personal information is stored on your hard drive, there for the taking by the right criminal or deviant. We have investigators on staff who can access those hidden files, passwords, chat room logs, see what’s really on your computer and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Your children, your home, your spouse all have the right to privacy, and protection. Don't let some high tech creep enter your life, steal your identity, or harm your loved ones. If you feel you may have a computer issue contact JRD Investigations and we will set up a confidential appointment with a Computer forensic investigator who will take a "snap shot" of your hard drive or phone including files that may have been deleted long ago. We can retrieve passwords, texts,chat logs, photos, and files from sites you may not know exist. We can determine if someone is watching you, or your children via the internet. The web opens the whole world to you and your family it should be yours to explore and enjoy safely, and securely.

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