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  Locating missing Persons

There are as many reasons and ways a person goes missing as there are stars in the night sky. Every year thousands of people across the United States just disappear without a trace. Some of these people fall victim to foul play, some want a fresh start, but many are hiding, or attempting to hide from someone or something. Dead Beat parents, spouses owing alimony, Criminals with active warrants, people running from creditors are just a few types of "skips" or basically people who have skipped out, or left. One would think in a country the size of ours it would be very difficult to locate someone who does not want to be found. Although that may be true people who skip rarely totally fall off the planet, instead they usually position themselves to appear to be gone until it is safe to resume a portion of their previous life. Human nature plays a big part in this; I have seen time and time again a person skip out on child support, alimony, or a warrant, only to let work acquaintances or friends know where they are headed. With today’s technology and good detective skills it is harder than ever for someone to "disappear" and start fresh. JRD INVESTIGATIONS has a skip tracing specialist on staff that can help locate that deadbeat spouse, or any other individual who has skipped out on an obligation that is causing you harm. Skip tracing fees are reasonable based on an hourly rate plus expenses such as data base searches, and mileage. Unfortunately there are also the other cases. People disappear due to foul play. All the computer data in the world isn't going to bring someone back who has been abducted or worse, that is where you will need the resources of an outstanding detective, not just an average one. This type of work is not for every detective agency. But it is for us. We have professional law enforcement investigators on staff that can help you at your time of need. We can help you locate someone who is missing whether it’s a runaway, deadbeat spouse, or any scenario.

 01/30/ 2009 JRD Investigations helps locate fugitive wanted for dealing drugs in a school zone in Massachusetts. JRD operative Jim DeSaye tracks fugitive down in hudson valley and provides information that leads to arrest and extradition. Previously it was believed fugitive had left the state. 

" Solving this felt great we took a creep off the street!"- Jim DeSaye

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