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JRD Investigations agents have been conducting surveillance operations since 1985. We have worked for some of the largest corporations in the world as well as individual clients. We have the expertise to tailor an investigation to suit the need of every client on a case by case basis

 If you are a business owner who feels an employee may be "less than honest" we will customize an investigation to suit your needs,

 If you feel you are being followed, or stalked we can perform a counter surveillance operation to find out who may be watching you and why.

 If you feel your spouse may be cheating on you we can perform surveillance to determine if this is occurring or not.

 We perform surveillance for cases involving insurance fraud, legal disputes, both civil and criminal.

A word about surveillance: we have all seen numerous shows where the private detective or police perform surveillance and always come up with the goods. Private detectives performing surveillance are reporters, we record real events as they occur and report our findings to our client. Taking that into consideration not every surveillance results in a "smoking gun". Please keep in mind on television even so called reality shows much of what you see is staged, recreated or just pure fiction. In real life surveillance is at times a tedious drawn out process that is best left up to professionals. There are right to privacy laws that come into play when performing surveillance that professional investigators are aware of and will adhere to. In addition to this there are times when a subject just does not do what they are suspected of while under surveillance. This does not mean a spouse is not cheating; a patient is not committing fraud, or employees not stealing. It simply means they did not do it while being observed. We will meet with you and discuss options before you commit to a surveillance to try to maximize your chances of success. After all what you are after is the truth, and that is what we strive to find.

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